Have you got your hospital (feel free to replace ‘hospital’ with ‘birth centre’ or ‘home birth’) bag ready? And if not, do you know what you want to take with you in said hospital/birth bag when the time comes…?

So, I hate packing. Even when it’s packing for an exciting holiday – I always do it wrong. I usually pack too many pairs of shoes and then those big clumpy, but gorgeous, wedges I’ve hardly ever worn sit there staring at me from my suitcase as if they’re saying ‘Erm, when are you going to wear us then? Seriously, you carried us here just to take up all this space – why?’  And if it’s not the shoes then I bring clothes that are wrong for the weather, even if I’ve checked ahead. Yes, it’s safe to say I find packing stressful.

…But, packing my hospital bag (for my home birth) was different. By the time we sat down to do it we’d completed our hypnobirthing course and we felt excited about meeting our baby and making the birth day as special as possible. For me, the best bit was that we sat down together to pack – much nicer to share the load. That and the fact I ‘had’ to buy nice new pjs for my birth bag, and yummy snacks and drinks.

What to pack in your hospital bag or birth bag

Hospital bag or birth bag to the ready!

I’m on the MSLC snd I volunteered to compile an ultimate ‘hospital’ bag list. To do this I spoke to other hypnobirthing instructors, clients, mums and mums-to be, and I wanted to share this ultimate list with you – use it as a checklist or just pick the items you like the sound of. There are some real gems on here. I wish I’d thought of straws! Such a good idea, allowing you to drink in whatever positions you choose to labour in.

For hospital

Birth plan x4 copies, maternity notes

Pillows or pillow cases

MP3/battery operated music player

Headphones, earplugs, eye mask

Coins for car park

Car seat ready

Going home outfit for Mum and baby


For labour

Pen for forms and notes

Phone and charger

Camera and charger and spare battery

Books/ iPod – music, hypnosis tracks

Comedy shows/films on iPad

Tea lights (battery operated)

Aromatherapy oils, battery-powered oil burner

Birth ball


Hand held fan / cooling gel packs

Dressing gown

Hot water bottle

Straw (so that you can drink in any position)

Sports bottle for drink

Any of your favourite snacks

Small pack of tissues

Hairband to tie up hair


For Water birth

Vest top or bikini / tankini top (optional)

Swimwear for birth partner (to get in the pool)


For after birth – for Mum

Rescue remedy

Arnica tablets

Maternity pads

Knickers to throw away/ big comfy

Nursing pyjamas

Slippers/socks for walking around

Nursing bra and breast pads


Lip balm – lips can get really dry


For after birth – for baby

Towel for right after birth


Two different sizes of baby-grow


Snowsuit/something warm



Muslins, bibs

what to pack in your hospital bag for baby


Extras for Home birth

Old towels/sheets

Shower curtains for floor or furniture


For Home birth – Pool

New liner for birth


Air pump to put up pool

Water pump to fill / empty water



Useful websites

For more lists check out these sites: mumsnet babycentre and for home births: homebirth.org.uk








What to pack in your birth bag

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