What is Hypnobirthing?

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So hypnobirthing is all about the transformation. What does that mean…well – it means that EVERYONE I teach comes to class one of the Calm Births antenatal course feeling anxious or scared about birth and leaves feeling confident, empowered, prepared and looking forward to meeting their baby.

Some people start feeling really scared about birth and others less so. But all of the couples I teach, whether they’re first time parents, or second time parents who have had difficult first-births, want practical techniques and tools that they can use in pregnancy and labour. Tools that will make them feel relaxed and in control.

Most people come to me because they have heard how fricking awesome hypnobirthing is but they don’t really understand what it is, and that’s because it’s hard to explain in a few sentences..

But the easiest way to understand it is to scratch out the word hypnobirthing (gasp!) and replace it with deep relaxation. Because the more relaxed and calm you can be in labour the more in control and positive you will feel. 

And how do you feel relaxed in labour when you’re scared of giving birth? With practice! This is why the course is for you and your birth partner, and is around 8 hours long, spread over four weeks.


You see, you need to…


 Understand how the mind works and why we are scared of birth

Then you need to understand the impact fear has on our bodies in labour – the physiology of birth

Then you need to work on building your confidence and changing how you think about birth




Learning loads of relaxation techniques, breathing techniques, and massage techniques. 

Learning techniques that help you deal and cope with fear, stress and worry, particularly in terms of pregnancy, labour and birth (these are also amazing tools for life)

Writing your birth plan and spending lots of time thinking about the birth you want

Watching hypnobirthing videos and hearing and reading amazing inspiring birth stories from my clients

Covering the birth partner’s responsibilities so you can give birth, while they sort everything else

Learning a questioning technique for medical professionals to make sure you understand all your rights and options in pregnancy and labour


Hells yeah!


Classes are fun and relaxing, and informative. 

Hyonobirthing is not for one type of birth – the techniques would be no good if they only worked when everything is going to plan

Hypnobirthing doesn’t mean you won’t feel anything (sorry!), but it means you’ll be prepared, empowered and able to handle any curve balls that are thrown your way




“When should I do the course?”



“I want to do it but my partner doesn’t/thinks it sounds weird and hippyish”



“What if I have to have a C-Section will the course have been a waste?”



“What if I can’t give birth where I planned to?”