Guest blog post by second-time mum Naomi, who came to one of our short hypnobirthing courses at the Caversham Children’s Centre

A positive and calm second-birth story

For my second baby I knew I had to do something different in preparation for the birth so I didn’t have the same experience as first time round. My first son was born fairly quickly but I felt completely out of control on the gas and air and honestly thought I was going to die from the pain. I felt completely ‘out of it’. I gave birth to a healthy 9lb 2oz baby boy.

My recovery was very long and the pains from my stitches after giving birth were almost unbearable.  I was dreading this for after my second baby.


Short hypnobirthing course

While I was pregnant with baby number 2 I started to do some research into hypnobirthing and knew I wanted to give it a go to help me through my second labour. I found Deborah’s short hypnobirthing course at the Caversham Children’s Centre and went along with an open mind.


Quick and calm birth story

My second labour was completely different! Again it was quick (even quicker than the first time) but I felt so much more calm and in control. I had gas and air again but it felt so different to the first time.

So much better! I was able to control my breathing using the techniques I’d learnt from the course.

 I was able to take breaks from the gas and air and hold a conversation with my husband in between surges.


My husband was able to help me by reminding me to use my breathing techniques to get through the surges and after having my waters broken, 6 minutes later my second son was born in his sac! A healthy 7lb 11oz and I felt so much better than last time.



My recovery with my stitches has been so much quicker and I have had nowhere near as much pain as I did with my first baby.


Hypnobirthing enabled me to stay in control and birth my baby calmly and safely and I am hugely grateful to Deborah for delivering such an informative course to help me through the birth 🙂



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