I love this quick birth story from first time mum Emma. Love that her story starts with a trip to the gym and nesting the rest of the day! And I love how Emma totally trusted her instincts throughout. Plus her relaxing place sounds amazing!

The 31st August started the same as most days of my maternity leave: I awoke at 7.30 and went to the gym.  I was very fit when I fell pregnant and went most days all the way through my pregnancy – albeit moving from high to low impact exercise in the later stages.  I still felt great and spent the rest of the day nesting, by cleaning and making freezer meals whilst listening to the hypnobirthing affirmations.

At 5pm I felt tired so decided to nap before my husband Will got home.  When he arrived at 6.30pm I said I felt some twinges and felt that things may have started.


By 7pm the twinges (surges) were regular so we put on our birthing playlist of my favourite songs and lit some candles using the birth ball for support whilst focusing on my breathing.

By 8pm the surges were every four or five minutes so Will rang the Royal Berkshire Hospital and explained where we were.  The midwife asked us to call back when the frequency of the surges were three within a ten minute spell for one hour.

I had a bath with candles and kept the playlist going, the warm water helped with my visualisations of my ultimate relaxing play.  This was a place made up of our three favourite holidays to the Maldives, Bali & Vietnam!

By 10pm we had hit the magic three in ten mark and after speaking again to the RBH, Will packed the car and we headed in.  I still felt calm and also excited, I could sense I had progressed a way and was keen to be with the midwives ASAP.

Given the time of night the journey was quick and we arrived on Rushey ward at 10.45pm.  I had the urge to go to the loo but after being examined the urge turned out to be our baby – I was already 10cms dilated and ready to deliver!  I felt so pleased I had got this far at home and all without pain relief.

We moved to the delivery room whilst the birthing pool was filled.  Will put up holiday photos and played the Wise Hippo hypnobirthing instrumentals.  Lights were low and the room felt just as I’d imagined and hoped.  After an hour in the pool our baby’s head was visible to the midwife but progress was slow.

To help things along I got out and tried a new position and the midwife broke my waters, however, after another hour baby’s head had moved no further and a second midwife examined me to confirm the head was slightly off centre.  Surges had slowed to every four minutes and the baby’s heart rate had slowed too.

At this point it was suggested we move to a delivery suite for a ventouse to help things along.  Rather than being either upset or disappointed I knew this was the right thing to do so was happy to agree.  All the way through labour I had trusted my instincts and I felt that all the extra help would ensure our baby arrived soon and safely.

Once on the delivery suite I was quickly prepared and the doctor briefed me.  With the next two surges the baby’s head was born and then fully delivered with the next surge.

 an image of a newborn baby boy sleeping in his moses basket, from a quick birth story, by a first time mum who had an awesome hypnobirth

Our beautiful baby boy arrived at 1.33am on 1st September weighing a perfect 7lb 12ozs – we named him George.

He was immediately placed onto my chest for some skin to skin then soon after Will cut the cord once it had stopped pulsating.  As I had lost some blood I agreed to have the injection for the third stage to birth the placenta, which happened quickly following the injection.

Soon after George latched on and fed from me with Will by my side.  Our new family was complete.  George is now 10 weeks old and weighs 14lbs and is a wonderful baby.

He is very relaxed and eats and sleeps well, and I’m sure this was helped by his calm birth. He still loves the hypnobirthing music.

We always said the right birth would be one where we felt both informed and in control – we achieved both of these.

To have our first baby in a relatively fast and straightforward birth without pain relief, and a healthy baby at the end of it, is all we could have wished for.

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