Private Hypnobirthing classes in Reading, Berkshire

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My private hypnobirthing classes are held in my beautiful open-plan living room, which overlooks the garden (yes, it it really is as comfy and relaxing as it sounds) in Tokers Green, Reading and follow the Calm Births course.
Private classes contain the same content as the group classes but take place at a time and date to suit you. Classes can be spread over more than 4 weeks, or held closer together to suit your calendar.

I also offer private classes as intensive two-day courses.
Investment for private classes is £429 per couple, a £50 deposit is required to secure your place.

Class Includes:

  • A handbook
  • 7x amazing MP3s
  • Refreshments
  • Access to a closed Facebook group and free coffee mornings for all my mamas


Private hypnobirthing classes in Berkshire

Learn Hypnobirthing techniques


You will learn:

  • How to let go of any fears or negative beliefs you have about labour and birth
  • How to write a detailed birth plan
  • Breathing techniques to relax you during pregnancy and labour
  • Breathing techniques to birth your baby
  • A massage technique to relax you during labour and to create endorphins
  • A massage technique to avoid the chances of episiotomy
  • How to stay calm and in control of your baby’s birthing
  • How to create an ideal birth environment
  • How to reduce the need for medication
  • How to feel excited about birth and look forward to meeting your baby
  • Techniques to help you sleep better and deal with stress, anxiety and fear generally

These are just some of the wonderful things you will learn on the full hypnobirthing course.

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Anna and Darren Keigher, Caversham

Can’t recommend Debs and the wise hippo course enough. Having been induced with my first baby I was keen to look into to hypnobirthing. We then serendipitously bumped into Debs at the RBH, an old art college friend and pretty much signed up there and then! My husband was cynical at first but after the first session with Debs he quickly saw how useful all the techniques would be and it wasn’t Paul McKenna-ish at all! We loved working with Debs she explained everything so clearly with warmth and humour. We left every session feeling so relaxed and excited for the birth. Having a very opinionated family with a medical back ground who focused on negative possibilities the course really helped to block out those voices. We feel so well prepared which ever path our birth takes. Thank you Debs ! X
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Hannah and Chris, Reading

My partner and I have recently just finished 1-2-1 lessons with Deborah, and are still at a loss as to what we’re supposed to do with our Sunday evenings now!? (Gutted!) We went from both being a little sceptical and expecting some deep soulful hippy hypnosis (each to their own, however not really our thing…) to both feeling so much happier, confident and prepared for the birth of our first child. We couldn’t have got it more wrong. Instead, we have learned practical techniques and skills that have really put us in the driving seat ready to fully experience – and most importantly enjoy – labour and birth. We couldn’t have asked for more. The course is great, however on a personal level Deborah is a fantastic teacher, and really listens to what your concerns are, tailors the class to you as individuals and makes you feel at ease when not all techniques work for you. As she says, its all about having the right birth for you on the day. We now feel like we will be able to face any circumstance we may face, even if it’s not our most ideal. Of all the things we have done/spent money on this pregnancy, these classes have been the best and most useful thing ever! Both myself and my partner highly recommend this course to anybody and everyone – you will not be disappointed. Thank you Riverside Hypnobirthing  we are desperate to send you our birth story!!

Charlotte Dodson, Reading

I learned a lot from Deborah at Boldly Glow Birthing: what she was offering was laid out clearly in advance and I particularly appreciated having a structured approach with ‘homework’ to help make sure my husband and I found time to practise what we’d learned. Several of the factual areas that we covered around birth were areas in which I had already done some research and it gave me confidence that Deborah’s information was balanced and matched my own assessment of the scientific literature / NICE guidelines etc (I’m a biomedical scientist by profession). I also found Deborah to be a lovely and supportive person, teaching in a beautiful relaxed environment, who fitted my husband and I into her schedule on very short notice!

Katie and Chris Pike, Bristol – via Skype

My husband and I loved doing the private hypnobirthing course with Debs! The classes helped us feel connected with our baby and I always felt my most relaxed while doing them. The techniques not only helped me with labour, but with life post-partum. Debs is a wonderful teacher – down to earth, smiley and so reassuring. As well as providing tools to use during labour, the course is also incredibly informative and helped us get our heads around it (which made it all far less daunting!) We approached the day with excitement, rather than fear. Thank you so much Debs! Xxx

Jenny Patrick, California – via skype

I’d had a bad childbirth experience the first time around, and so when I became pregnant a second time, Debs suggested I take a hypnobirthing course. I live in California, and I knew that Debs was the only instructor I wanted, so she very kindly conducted my course over Skype! I had all of the traditional information from my birthing classes with my first pregnancy, but was looking for something a bit more practical. I loved the way Debs explained everything to me in a manner that was so relatable, and not in a ‘hippy’ sort of way that you might expect from a hypnobirthing course. She also gave so many practical tools that I am looking forward to using during my labour. The breathing and relaxation techniques are so simple, yet I know they will be so much more helpful than anything I learned in the NHS hospital classes last time. Taking Debs’ classes has made me so much more confident in my labour and child birth this time around, and I go into the experience not scared, but prepared. I feel like I can make it through the surges with confidence, and the tools she has given me will really help me focus and stay in control. I have been practicing alot of the breathing right before going to sleep, and it helps me focus and relax so I drift off more quickly! I can tell that these techniques will also be very helpful during the somewhat stressful times of having a newborn! I can see myself using them to calm down during sleepness nights and new mum anxiety. Thank you so much, Debs! I thoroughly recommend this course.

Susie and Mike, Reading

Signing up for the Wise Hippo private hypnobirthing classes in Berkshire with Deborah was THE best decision! I always knew that giving birth was something completely natural and had a lot to do with mindset and knowledge, yet was influenced by the media’s portrayal and stories you hear… As a research psychologist, I found the content was not only intuitive but embedded in sound science. I had arrived not necessarily being anxious and scared of birth, but apprehensive and worried- I left feeling excited yet calm, trusting that I have a toolkit I can work with whatever the situation. Deborah has made the course so wonderful, in particular through her friendly and kind nature as well as the passion that transpired through each module. It was important to me not to be lectured on what I ‘should’ be doing or feeling or thinking, as that would only build up pressure even more. Deborah, through her accepting personality, offered knowledge and tools, where I could pick and mix as I felt comfortable. This really increased my confidence to trust myself in what I feel is right in the lead up to birth and on the day. Importantly, it was also a course that was helpful for my husband- not only did he really enjoy it, he feels empowered to help me prepare and make it a wonderful experience on the day. This is one of the most important points for me, as I really want him to be part of the whole journey and for him to know that he is an integral part of making it a fulfilling birth experience. Not only am I looking forward to the actual experience now, I am also looking forward to touching base during Deborah’s coffee mornings from January!!
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Karen and Jon Furneaux, Caversham

We searched for local group sessions and Deborah at Boldly Glow Birthing was one of the first web sites we looked at. Immediately we loved the web site, reading the variety of birth stories from Mums and Dads Deborah had taught. We both warmed to Deborah watching the video of her and her husband describing their experience of hypnobirthing with their first born, Immy. Above all we loved the fact that Deborah is a mum and her passion and enthusiasm shone through. We were so disappointed when we contacted Deborah to be told that all her group sessions were fully booked. It also unfolded that Deborah was expecting bubba number two so she would be on maternity leave herself in early September. I must admit a bit of panic set in at this point. Had we just left this all a bit too late. However, Deborah offered us some one to one sessions. She very kindly squeezed us in around her other group and private sessions and we started our hypnobirthing journey with Deborah at the beginning of August at 30 weeks pregnant. We have just finished the last session this week and I cannot put into words what Deborah and the WiseHippo programme has already done for Jon and I. It may sound a bit dramatic and like a cliche but in just over 3 weeks we feel this experience has changed our lives. Over the course we have been taught some incredible techniques that we will not only use for the forthcoming weeks of pregnancy and throughout the birth of our little girl but we will use in our everyday lives at home as new parents and at work. Already, we have put some of these techniques into practice at difficult hospital appointments. We have experienced in real life situations how hypnobirthing has such a positive impact. We are thoroughly enjoying practising all the techniques, frequently taking an early night away from the chores, the tv and the tablets to spend time just the two of us. We feel closer than ever. We are both so excited about our forthcoming birth. Jon knows how critical his role is in being my birthing partner and I have ultimate confidence that he will coach me through the more challenging parts as we face them. We now both feel fully prepared and incredibly excited about meeting our little baby girl. Deborah is incredibly warm and caring. She made us feel at ease and relaxed within minutes of the first class. By the end of the sessions we felt like we had known her for years. Deborah has been working so hard with the local mid wives and Childrens Centre to promote the benefits of hypnobirthing. Her passion and enthusiasm is infectious. If you are thinking about hypnobirthing with Deborah as either a first time, second time or even third time mum I would recommend it 100 times over, no question. You will never look back and wonder if it was really worth it. We can’t thank you enough Deborah. We look forward to hearing your news and your birth story soon! And I guess our babes will meet in January at the next coffee morning!

Ally and Sam, Pangbourne

I think I am like most first time mums, the thought of birth literally terrified me.All I can say is thank gosh for Deborah!! Not only is she one of the nicest people I have ever met, the fear of giving birth is no more. I feel so happy, relaxed and ready for the birth of my baby, even excited. I never thought I would feel like this. For anyone having a baby I would recommend Deborah and her private hypnobirthing classes in Berkshire over and over again. I can’t thank Deborah enough.
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Olivia and Ryan Taggart, Caversham

My husband and I are expecting our second child in around 6 weeks time and have just completed our Wise Hippo course with Deborah. We are so glad we decided to give hypnobirthing a try! Although my first labour and birth was natural and fairly straightforward, I was a little taken aback by the level of mental concentration and strength it required, and felt a bit like a pupil who just did everything the midwife suggested without really thinking about what I wanted. I feel so much more empowered and confident about giving birth second time around after our sessions with Deborah. She has really made us feel that we can have control over the experience, and has given us the confidence to plan a home birth (which I don’t think my husband would have felt comfortable with if we hadn’t done the course). We’re now enjoying practicing the relaxation techniques we have learnt, listening to the Mp3 tracks and spending time together focussing on our baby (sometimes difficult to do when you have a toddler!). Having attended an NCT course during my first pregnancy, I can fully recommend Deborah’s private hypnobirthing classes as a much more positive, empowering and informative course. It covers everything you need to know, and more, and leaves you feeling excited by the prospect of birth (rather than scared and overwhelmed, as the NCT course left us feeling). We’re so grateful to Deborah for her warm, friendly support and for helping us to believe that birth can be a wonderful experience! xxx
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Donna and Jack Clayson, Calcot

We loved coming to our private hypnobirthing classes in Berkshire with Deborah so much. You are amazing Deborah! We feel totally prepared and chilled now. Thank you so much for everything. We will see you soon xx
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Emma O’Reilly, Wokingham

My husband and I decided to attend private hypnobirthing classes in Berkshire with Deborah because I have always been really scared of childbirth. Having completed the course, I now feel so much more confident and am actually looking forward to giving birth! This is due to the excellent Wise Hippo programme, but also to Deborah’s continuing advice and support. We would highly recommend!
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James Lack, Berkshire

I just wanted to put a quick review on here from an expectant father’s perspective. Prior to our first private Hypnobirthing class my wife was very nervous regarding pregnancy and in particular the birthing process. I was apprehensive for her and hoped the course could help her and us. Being of a medical occupation I must admit, and did, that I was slightly sceptical about the hypnobirthing course.

However, having finished our final session yesterday I am a complete convert and will recommend it to all my friends and family. The catalyst for this was Deborah. Her calm and confident demeanour gave us both immediate reassurance. We never felt awkward asking the simple/stupid questions and always got insightful answers. The break-time tea and snacks also help too!!

The course material is great and easy to understand. There is still plenty of the medical information but it’s focus is on the positive aspects rather than the negatives. The relaxation techniques were great and can be used in all other situations we/you may find yourself in.

As a father-to-be I learnt many tips and techniques which will enable me to help out and feel a part of the big day. I would highly recommend it to all fathers-to-be.

I leave the program delighted with the positive changes I’ve seen in my wife, her increased confidence and positivity. We now feel in control of the process and are so excited to welcome our new addition into the family.

Kate Lack, Berkshire

 I was so nervous about pregnancy as well as birth, due to an extreme medical phobia. However, since completing our private hypnobirthing in Berkshire with Deborah I have managed to remain calm throughout my pregnancy and I am excited to meet our baby at the end. I have learnt that birth is a natural process not something that I need to fear. My mind set has totally shifted and I now focus on the positives. I have really enjoyed the course; especially all the relaxing mp3’s. Both of us are now excited to meeting our little person in a few months time.

Rebecca and James Newton, Swindon

Doing the private hypnobirthing class was one of the best decisions I have made regarding my pregnancy. I was little short of terrified at the thought of giving birth before I did the course, but my fears have now been alleviated and I am really looking forward to it! Deborah is a wonderful teacher – informative, passionate, considerate and funny. My husband and I never felt uncomfortable or embarrassed around her and she put us completely at ease. You learn everything you need to know about pregnancy and birth – all done in a positive way. Deborah has equipped me with all the relaxation tools needed to help me approach my birth calmly and confidently, and I have really enjoyed practising the techniques each day. I would, without question, recommend Boldly Glow Birthing for anyone who is looking for a positive, fun and informative antenatal class, and one that sees birth as the amazing and natural phenomena it is.
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Perry Walker, Caversham

I’ve just had my first private Hypnobirthing class with the amazing Deborah Pryn. It was everything I imagined and more. I am even more excited than I have been about everything, especially when the time comes to meet bambino

Perry has written a detailed blog about her experience of the the four hypnobirthing classes in Berkshire– read more here: