I know it might sound a bit strange, but there are times when I really miss being pregnant. I’m not dismissing how much hard work it is, or how tiring it can be, oh no. I just occasionally pine for parts of those trimesters. I also miss my pregnancy because of the attention I paid to my own wellbeing – what better excuse is their to rest or get a massage?

After speaking to some other mums I quickly realised that I’m not alone. Pregnancy has many perks. Here are just some of our favourites:

1. A special secret


One of my friends, a web-editor and mum to a one-year old, says ‘I loved that period at the very beginning when being pregnant was a secret that only my husband and I knew. After that I enjoyed all the excitement – wondering whether my baby was a boy or girl and what he/she might look like. Also the feeling of doing everything together. Often, if I was a bit bored I’d feel a little kick or movement, and that would always make me smile.’

2. Time to relax

Planned relaxation may sound like a bit of a contradiction in terms but taking my hypnobirthing classes made me realise how important it is to make relaxation part of my routine, like exercise, otherwise there’s always something more pressing to do. Once I’d done this for a week or two it became a habit, a lovely, chilled, scented-candles and bubble bath habit. Now I miss falling asleep to my lovely antenatal hypnobirthing mp3s.

3. That glow!


Healthier hair, smoother skin and a better cleavage scored highly amongst us. Pregnancy hormones mean that you lose less hair. Those hormones, combined with an increase in blood volume, are responsible for brighter skin that helps to give pregnant women that radiant look. Plus, as one of my friends adds ‘it was so nice not having to try and hold your tummy in, especially after going out for a big meal.’

4. Antenatal classes

From aqua natal classes to pregnancy yoga classes, we tried a selection of stretch-based activities that made us feel fitter and taller than our pre-pregnancy days. As one of my mum friends adds ‘I really enjoyed meeting so many other pregnant ladies too – if felt like building a little network’.

5. Bonding with baby


Reading, talking and singing to our bumps, and massaging oil into our bellies became lovely bonding rituals, both with our babies and our husbands. As one of my friends says ‘you’re creating precious family time together before the baby’s even been born.’
Plus I always felt that ‘peanut’ seemed to enjoy the time we spent bonding with her, well she kicked more, which I know was down to all those extra endorphins/more space as my muscles were relaxed, and not because she was trying to get me to stop singing.


Read more about bonding with baby here: https://www.facebook.com/twhbondwithbaby 


What did you love about your pregnancy?


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