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Motherhood is amazing, yes, but it is also hard, like really hard. For a start your baby communicates by crying… which makes you feel tense. Your baby can’t talk, it can’t say ‘mum, you are doing an amazing job, thank you very much’. So there’s the lack of feedback and then, often there’s weird competition from other mums.

Cue questions like ‘How much does your baby weigh?’ ‘Is your baby sleeping through the night?’ And just general annoying comments from everyone else – like ‘Is your baby a good baby?’ What does that even mean?  ‘No my baby is plotting to take over the world’. On top of all this you’re exhausted and possibly feeling pretty lonely, like I did after having my first baby.

So – I have created a relaxation course just for you gorgeous mamas, with guided relaxations, specific techniques to boost your mood, and an amazing sharing circle, where you can listen and chat to other like-minded mums. Being part of this circle actually feels like being hugged – I kid you not, it’s the best.

The cost for the first four week block is £49 and includes two mp3s, subsequent cost £40.

Relaxation for mamas


This nurturing group course is held in my super-relaxing garden studio and is just for mamas.

The course runs in 4x weekly blocks, so you can dip in and out, or keep coming for loads of lovely relaxation time and bonding with other amazing mamas.


Enjoy some lovely guided relaxations, calming breathing techniques and a chance to chat and be heard in a safe supportive space. As well as weekly tips and mood boosters and lots of chocolate.


Class includes:

A guided relaxation
A chance to share highlights and lowlights of your week
Tips for relaxation and mood boosters
Relaxation homework
Delicious refreshments!
Chat/support time
2x MP3s to take away


Plus invitation to a private Facebook group to connect and enjoy even more info and relaxation tips

Mamas Relax Dates

January 2018

Wednesday evenings:
7.30-9pm on the 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st of Jan
(two spaces left)

March 2018

Wednesday evenings:
7.30-9pm on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th

(one space left)

June 2018

Wednesday evenings:
7.30-9pm on the 6th, 13th, 20th and 27th

(one space left)

February 2018

Wednesday evenings:
7.30-9pm on the 7th, 14th, 21st and 28th
(Fully booked)

April 2018

Wednesday evenings:
7.30-9pm on the 4th, 11th, 18th and 25th

( 6 spaces left)


Abi O’Sullivan, Caversham

Have used all your amazing techniques already this morning! Really great tools we are learning for calmer, happier, more positive days/weeks/lives! A very lovely group and the best self-care for busy mums. Best evening of the week! Each class is so wonderful and relaxing.

Laura Todd, Caversham

I enjoy the classes as I leave each week feeling not only super relaxed but also really positive and motivated to have a great week. I’ve learnt some simple but effective tools that in a short space of time have made a big difference to my mental wellbeing and I feel happier and more positive day-to-day as a result. I’ve also been able to enjoy the company of a group of lovely and supportive mums! It’s my favourite evening of the week and can see that the tools you’re giving us are going to be long lasting for everyday life, making the most of good times and helping get through the bad!

Donna Clayson, Reading

I have found this so useful. I have found myself being more present, particularly using the visualisations to help plan my days, concentrating on the feelings I will experience. It has worked wonders, and I feel much more positive. I love these sessions, and look forward to them each week. It’s time for me, and it’s great to spend some time with other lovely mums too!

Sarah Collison, Reading

 It’s my favourite evening of the week and can see that the tools you’re giving us are going to be long lasting for everyday life, making the most of good times and helping get through the bad!