First time parents, Sarah and Peter Wells, came to my short course and absolutely loved the breathing techniques and positive focus. They went onto have a beautiful and fun first birth, even though Sarah had to be induced


A beautiful and positive induction birth story

It was at 25 weeks that I started getting a little nervous about the birth! It’s the unknown and naturally I just thought the worst!


One of my friend’s recommended to go and see Deborah and she really helped my nerves by reassuring me and teaching my husband and I the amazing breathing techniques! I left feeling excited and confident that I could do this!


Our beautiful and amazing birth

I would describe my labour as one of the most amazing and beautiful experiences my husband and I have ever shared.


I didn’t think we could get any closer than what we were, but it has made us even closer! Peter was my rock the whole way through! I couldn’t believe I didn’t swear or shout at him at any point through the labour!


I was induced 36 hours after my waters broke on the Wednesday as it was routine procedure due to risk of infection. I was told that I didn’t have to be induced and that I could go home, but I felt anxious about my baby’s welfare and felt it was the right thing to do in the end! I felt empowered to make the decision that was right for me.


When I walked into the delivery suite, I cried as I hadn’t imagined my birth like this! I had been very open minded throughout my pregnancy with my birth plan, but when it came down to it I think every woman has the perfect birth plan in their head no matter what.


 I used the Wise Hippo hypnobirthing breathing to calm me down and looked at the bigger picture! About 5 minutes later I was relaxed and had a completely different mind set and looked at all the positives: I had these two lovely midwifes, I could still use my techniques, I could walk around and do exactly what I wanted! Even when the cannula was put in my hand I was calm, and I am not great with needles!


I managed 6 hours with just my breathing techniques and listening to music. My husband was amazing and helped with keeping me focused on my breathing! I did all of this on my  birth ball as I felt more in control and comfortable!


When a surge came in, I breathed and imagined I was on a warm beach and it was amazing how much  it worked!


The surges were like waves and I remember thinking, these are ok I can do this I am going to be meeting my son soon! We then had a change over of midwives and Helen walked in.


As soon as I saw her we clicked! She was amazing, so honest, and I felt even more relaxed that I was with someone on the same wavelength She listened to everything I was saying and what I needed!


The contractions started to get stronger after 7 hours and I felt I needed something to help so I was given gas and air! I used the gas and air with my breathing techniques and it worked so well! I felt as if I was on a really good night out! My husband said I got even more honest when I was on it Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joy, to the point where Helen walked in eating and I asked her what she was eating.


It was a chocolate Ferrero Rocher! I think my heart broke as I wasn’t allowed to eat! I think I said “oh sad times I need chocolate”


She ran off and came back with one and put it on the side saying: ‘you can have this when little man is here!’ I know it sounds silly but it really spurred me on, as I kept looking at the Ferrero Rocher thinking I’m going to have a baby in my arms soon and I can eat chocolate then too!


Dancing through labour!

Throughout the whole of my labour I was very mobile! Bouncing on my ball or walking around the room. I felt more comfortable up and about.


Just before I started to push. ‘Light it up’ by major lazer came on and I started to dance! The midwives were dancing as well and said that my dancing would help the baby move down! I still cannot believe I danced at the pushing stage!


I didn’t need any gas and air when I was pushing, as all I was focusing on was meeting our little man! I gave birth on all fours in the end after lots of different positions! Even through pushing I was mobile -standing up and squatting, to being on all fours, laying on my side! It all helped so much! It’s funny as this is how I had imagined giving birth! Cohen Blu David Wells was born Friday 8th April at 2.47am weighing 8lbs 14oz



The whole way through labour I wouldn’t say it was painful at all it was just uncomfortable at times! I even said 2 days later, I want to do it all over again!


The feeling you get when you hold your baby in your arms is unexplainable!! It’s the the most wonderful feeling in the world! I felt like superwoman! And you feel like you share this special bond with all the other mums you know, as they know what this feels like too! Xx


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