As first-time mum Becki says in her birth story, hypnobirthing makes you ‘ fully aware of all of your options and open to what needs to be done, whilst staying calm’ .
Becki was calm and relaxed throughout, using her breathing techniques and listening to her hypnobirthing MP3s to get her through her surges.

A positive first birth story

A photo of a beautiful newborn baby with lots of hair, from a positive first birth story

Hi Deborah, here is my birth story for you….

So I woke up Friday 5th October and thought my waters had gone slightly – I just thought I would wait and see what happened that day.

I went for a massage and had some reflexology at the end, on the pressure points to help with inducing labour… Well as soon as I got in the car, I could feel period-like pains instantly.

I decided to carry on with my plans for the day, meeting my mum for a coffee at a local cafe. I was starting to feel things progressing a bit more and we headed back to mine, as my mum was my birth partner and had done Deborah’s hypnobirthing course with me.

We felt very relaxed and I managed to have a bath, have something to eat, listen to my hypnobirthing MP3’s and watch some Gavin & Stacey – I thought the comedy would be good for getting my endorphins up.

My dad even brought fish and chips over in the evening – not that I was hungry, I was too busy bouncing on my ball with my tens machine on, getting in the zone!

We headed into hospital about 7:30pm. I had managed a whole day at home, which was exactly what I wanted.

I was put in the assessment room to be checked over and they thought things were moving quite slowly, but I managed to get a room. I really wanted to set my stuff up and get relaxed, so I could carry on with my hypnobirthing techniques.

Lights low, electric tea lights on, calm atmosphere, fruitella sweets, coconut water, Gas & air in hand and tens machine got me through until the following morning.

My midwife was aware that I needed some sleep, so she did suggest I have some diamorphine- I was reluctant to as I didn’t want to slow things down, but she said it could help speed things up as I would be more relaxed. I said yes and she was right, I went off to sleep and was able to rest. I think my mum also had a sleep at this point.

Much the same happened for the rest of that day: I was progressing slowly but the gas & air and relaxed atmosphere really helped to get me through it, in fact, every time a midwife came in they commented on how lovely and relaxed my room was.

After another examination they said I was 4cm dilated and I may need to be helped along by being induced to speed things up, but luckily the doctor said I could carry on naturally as my surges were strong and long.

To cut a long story short, as I got towards the end and was 9-10cm dilated, my surges decided to stop. I spent an hour pushing to no avail but felt fairly calm throughout. Unfortunately I then had to have intervention by way of forceps – this wasn’t what I ever intended but I knew it had to be done to get baby out safely.

I was able to carry out my wish of delayed cord clamping and also taking home my placenta for encapsulation.

Luna Rose was placed straight on me for skin-to-skin and attempted latching on for a feed.

A photo of a first-time mum and her newborn baby girl, from a positive first birth story

Myself and my mum strongly believe that if it wasn’t for Deborah‘s hypnobirthing course, I definitely would not have stayed calm and relaxed throughout, using my breathing techniques and hypnobirthing MP3’s.

It was also gave me a mindset of being fully aware of all my options and open to what needed to be done but staying calm. Luna is a very calm, chilled baby. I definitely put it down to how relaxed I had been throughout this pregnancy after doing Deborah’s course.

Thanks so much Deborah,

From Becki, Rosie & Luna x

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