My Privacy Policy

My privacy policy

Your privacy matters to me a great deal and I will always respect that. I have compiled this privacy notice to let you know how I use the information I collect when you register for my classes and from my website. If you would like more information please click on the contact button and get in touch with me.

What information do I collect?

When you sign up to one of my classes I collect names, addresses, email addresses, occupations and contact numbers. This information is all collected through a sign up form and is treated as sensitive personal information relating to the classes. The information is used to give relevant information for the Hypnobirthing and relaxation classes. These forms are filed and kept safely in my office. Each person who fills out a form is given the option to give consent for contact which will continue through email via Mailchimp.

From my website I collect names and email addresses that are kept safely on my Mailchimp account, which has been set up with a secure two-step verification process. It is then used for the purpose of email marketing and newsletters, with birth stories and details of coffee mornings to keep you up to date with Boldly Glow community news.

Within each email you will find the business address of Boldly Glow Birthing. You will also be shown the reason you are receiving the emails (from class sign up form or online opt in form) and there will be an option to unsubscribe.

What legal basis do I have for processing your personal data?

I process this information on the basis of a positive opt in both on the class sign up forms and the online opt in forms.

When do I share personal data?

Never. I will treat personal data confidentially and will only use this information to conduct my business operations, as outlined in our purposes for processing.

How long do I keep your personal data for?

I keep the information until your classes are complete and your baby is born – after you notify me that your baby is born I destroy all forms with personal data, if I don’t hear from you I destroy all forms within 6 months of you finishing the classes

Your rights in relation to personal data

You have the right to have access on request to your personal information and at any time can request it be corrected, deleted and your consent can be withdrawn. 

You can exercise these rights be either unsubscribing from my email list or by contacting [email protected]

The only form I need to keep for legal reasons is the consent form you sign – this contains no personal information, just your signature.

How to contact me?

You may contact us here