One of my mamas had an amazing first-birth after doing my private classes, here she tells us about her second amazing birth, which was, like the first, a completely natural water birth.  You can read her first birth story here – a quick natural birth

A natural second birth

At times during my second pregnancy I found myself more nervous thinking about the prospect of birth – I’d had the dream first labour using the Wise Hippo techniques and felt I couldn’t possibly be that lucky again. So I started going over the techniques, determined to get my positivity back. And once again it worked its magic.

I went to bed a little later than normal, as it was a Saturday and I’m normally shattered by the time my head hits the pillow. However, this particular night I lay awake for hours, till around 2am! I just couldn’t switch off. Just as I was starting to get frustrated by this I started getting some mild period-type pains. At this point I wasn’t 100% sure it was labour starting, but thought it was likely as I was a day over my estimated due date.

By 3am I was pretty convinced this was the beginning, as the discomfort was continuing. As I had for my first labour, I decided to let James (husband) sleep. I wanted one of us to be as rested as possible.

By 4am I went to the toilet which woke James up and told him I was pretty sure things were underway. At 4.30 we called my mother in law to come and be with our first child, as she had a 2hr drive ahead. If she was closer we wouldn’t have alerted anyone yet, as we were both so calm.

We spent the next few hours just talking while we waited for her to arrive. At this point things felt to be slowing, which was really annoying. I decided to take a bath and just relax, with the hope things would soon pick up.

9am arrived and my surges were back and much stronger – the discomfort was all in my lower back this time. I decided to sit in another warm bath as I find it so soothing. The next few hours flew by.

Around 11am things were becoming very intense. I made my way downstairs, where I ended up either laying on the floor or sofa watching Paw Patrol with my oblivious 2yr old by my side!

I suddenly felt really sick and on going to the bathroom I vomited. as soon as that happened my waters broke. We called the labour line again and they told us to make our way in if I felt I had enough time, otherwise they would send us an ambulance. Things were continuous at this point and I had no breaks in surges.

My mother in law used to be a midwife and I could see her panicking about us getting there in time. I, however, remained calm and focused.

We decided to try and get there so left immediately. I don’t remember much of the car journey in as I was in the zone and focusing on myself only.

Once parked, James grabbed me a wheel chair as there was no chance I could walk at this point. His steady walk sped up as we went down the corridors. We arrived at the midwife-lead birth unit and were taken straight in to a room. Midwifes did a quick listen into the baby and told me to get straight into the pool. I was only in the water for 5-10 minutes before our little lady arrived, at around 2.16pm.

A photo of a newborn baby girl's hand holding her mama's thumb, from a natural second birth story

I was chuffed to have had another birth with zero pain relief and in water. I found the surges stronger second time round, however, afterwards we were told they think that my baby was more back to back.

After reflecting I actually felt really pleased with myself because the midwifes had advised James that we stay at time until I no longer felt that I could. And this turned out to be almost the whole birth.

Another great Wise Hippo experience!

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