Guest post from a Boldly Glow Birthing first-time mum, who had a quick and calm natural birth

natural birth story from first time mum

Positive and pro-active

With our baby’s due date and a big move/total re location all supposed to happen in the same few weeks, I was keen to have a natural birth as soon as possible.

Once I got to two weeks before my estimated due date I focused on positive thoughts that the baby could arrive anytime. I also stayed relaxed and pro-active.

I stepped up my walking and had a reflexology session on the Thursday morning before our baby boy, Austin, ended up arriving on the Saturday, which turned out to be five days early.

Labour signs

Now I look back on the days beforehand and there were definitely signs that my body was preparing for birth. I was ravenous for about 2-3 days before. I literally wanted to eat and eat. And on the Thursday evening I had the best sleep of my entire pregnancy; my body must have been stocking up on energy.

On the day itself I woke really early, around 3.30AM, just feeling unsettled and a bit achy. Nothing major: I certainly didn’t think I was in labour at the time.

I stayed in bed trying to relax and get some sleep however by 4.30AM I was starting to feel uncomfortable and could no longer lie down. I got up and started doing jobs around the house. I think at this point I knew this was the start of something. I spent about two hours cleaning the kitchen and putting things away, all whilst feeling totally relaxed about the situation.

I left my husband to sleep so he didn’t have any idea things had started. I wanted to make sure one of us had as much rest as possible for the days ahead.

James woke at 7AM to find me downstairs. I told him I was pretty sure I was in labour. He was also really calm and we both continued to let things progress at home. We tried to keep a normal morning.

By 9AM my surges were every 3-5 minutes; however, they weren’t lasting a full minute so the hospital said to remain at home until this was the case. I had a gym-ball downstairs, which I lent over, as I remembered from my hypno birthing classes this helps to open the pelvis. I continued on with this for about an hour before I felt the need to move around. I again pottered about the house, stopping to focus on my breathing techniques when needed.

A natural birth

At 12 my surges were every 3 minutes, lasting a full minute and I kept feeling the need to use the loo. We informed the hospital and they told us to make our way in. Just as we were leaving, my waters broke!

We arrived at the hospital at 1.20PM and were taken into the birthing pool room by a lovely midwife. She read through our birth plan and checked me over. She told me I was 5cm. I quickly got into the pool which was much warmer than I expected and really soothing. We popped on our relaxing mp3’s and settled into the room. 

Very soon after I felt a real need to push down with the surge. James and the midwife said I just needed to relax with it but I insisted something more was going on. She checked me again to discover I was 10cms. I had gone from 5-10 in 45 minutes and everyone in the room was stunned.

I could now be the most pro-active in meeting our baby and after around an hour of pushing our lovely boy was born at 3.32PM. I was only in hospital around 2 hours before he arrived. I was only in established labour for ‘4 ish’ hours. My biggest worry had been tearing badly but I only had 3 tiny stitches in total.

The midwife said I was the first lady she had delivered all year who didn’t have any pain relief whatsoever for a first baby. She told all the staff how well I had done.

Chilled and in control

I look back on my birth now and am so proud of myself. Before our hypnobirthing classes, birth had been one of my biggest fears. To think that I stayed so chilled and in control is amazing, especially in a hospital environment, as I’m extremely medical and needle phobic.

Overall, I felt so calm and just knew I would get through it. The most important thing to remember is how natural birth is. Women have been doing it for years, stay positive and believe you can/will do it. The end result is amazing!


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