Group Hypnobirthing classes in Reading

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Held in my beautiful open plan living room , which overlooks the garden – yes,  it really is as relaxing and comfy as it sounds – my hypnobirthing classes, in Tokers Green, Reading follow the Calm Births hypnobirthing course. Classes are relaxing, enjoyable, empowering and practical. And they’re a great way to meet other lovely local couples too.

I keep these group hypnobirthing classes small – to no more than four couples – so that there’s time for you to ask all the questions you need.
The investment for group classes is £299 per couple.

Class Includes:

  • A handbook
  • 7x amazing MP3s
  • Yummy snacks
  • Access to a closed Facebook group for all my mamas
  • A voucher for a free newborn photo-shoot and print worth £175

Learn Hypnobirthing techniques

You will learn:

  • How to let go of any fears or negative beliefs you have about labour and birth
  • How to write a detailed birth plan
  • Breathing techniques to relax you during pregnancy and labour
  • Breathing techniques to birth your baby
  • A massage technique to relax you during labour and to create endorphins
  • A massage technique to avoid the chances of episiotomy
  • How to stay calm and in control of your baby’s birthing
  • How to create an ideal birth environment
  • How to reduce the need for medication
  • How to feel excited about birth and look forward to meeting your baby
  • Techniques to help you sleep better and deal with stress, anxiety and fear generally

These are just some of the wonderful things you will learn on the full hypnobirthing course.

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Claire and Ben Rimmer, Caversham

My husband & I heard about Hypnobirthing through a family relative who really rated it, so we decided to give it ago! Deborah welcomed us into her studio and instantly made us feel comfortable. The course content was informative and interesting, but not too serious or intense. We came away each week having enjoyed ourselves and learnt something new, it made us talk about the things we probably wouldn’t have discussed & has really identified the things that we feel are most important for this special event in our lives. It’s so nice to now be able to share my pregnancy with my husband on a practical level and feel we are able to contribute towards a positive birth. We both feel excited & better prepared for our baby’s arrival…however that may be! Thanks so much Deborah

Will and Emma Sayer, Wallingford

My wife and I attended Deborah’s Reading based Hypnobirthing class in preparation for the birth of our son George (first baby). We had four evening sessions at her house in Caversham across a six week period – each running from 7.00-9.30pm – perfect timing for us as we could easily get there after work. There were two other couples in the class and it was good share this experience and to have some different perspectives. Essentially it teaches you techniques to help you cope with the birth of your baby and to “have the right birth on the day”. There are breathing techniques and mindfulness exercises – all with the aim of promoting relaxation. We particularly found the MP3s useful and used them both before and during labour – our new-born even responds positively to the relaxing music now! We were hoping to have no pain relief and I credit the techniques we learned with why my wife was able to give birth without pain relief, and also to have a speedy labour (7.5 hours). Above all the class teaches you that giving birth brings nothing to fear and that in fact it should be a joyful and fulfilling experience. We really enjoyed the class and both got a huge amount from it – it was £300 well spent.
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Jessica Page and Chris Hornby, Reading

Myself and my boyfriend Chris loved the group hypnobirthing classes with Deborah. I can’t recommend her enough! She’s a great teacher and a lovely person. From the start, she made us feel welcome. Deborah came recommended to us by my sister who also did the group classes, so I knew we were in great hands. The course has us made both extremely excited for the experience of birth. We are looking forward to putting the techniques used from the course into action on the day!

Aisling Gurm, Reading

I have 2 children already. This is my 3rd pregnancy with a gap of 8yrs it felt like starting all over again. I was recommended to this class from a friend as I had been feeling really anxious about pregnancy and labour. I attended Deborah’s hypnobirthing classes in Reading with my husband and another couple. I was a little nervous first time going as unsure what to expect. I was put at ease in the first hour and left feeling full of energy and positivity. I looked forward each week to the sessions as they fully relaxed me and made me feel excited about our journey through the rest of pregnancy and looking forward to giving birth. I had a slight problem at 36wks as baby was breech which made me worry as doctors wanted to try and turn baby. I messaged Deborah with my problem who was there straight away to help me to stay positive and with her breech baby techniques and special breech relaxation class my baby turned on it’s own . I now feel in control of my body and much more connected with my baby and husband. I could not recommend this class more. Thank you so much xxx the yummy tea and biscuits were great too.


Francine O’Hanlon, Reading

I really enjoyed my hypnobirthing classes in Reading with Deborah. I felt she genuinely cared and I came away feeling lovely and relaxed after each class. I was very anxious about giving birth before the classes to the point where I couldn’t talk about it without feeling ill and anxious. I’m not cured of all my anxiety but I have some brilliant coping techniques to help me deal with it thanks to the classes and I feel so much more confident about facing labour now. Thanks so much Deb xx

Cate Parker, Mortimer

The one thing I was always sure of was that I wanted a positive and empowering birth experience and Deborah has taught us how! Can’t wait until I can use the techniques on the day but in the meantime we’re having fun practising…so calm and relaxed! There is so much science and basic logic behind the techniques and it’s natural – not at all airy fairy like you might think! Would recommend Deborah’s group hypnobirthing classes to anyone!
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Antony Grover & Harriet Page, Reading

The birth was the greatest experience of my life and made so much easier and better just by doing your classes, I honestly can’t stress enough to all my friends and family how much of a difference that made to us. I can’t actually put it all into words at the moment but it just went so well. all down to the breathing techniques no pain relief no noise just perfect!!  I have already recommended friends to you – I think I could be a course salesman! thanks again for everything  x Antony & Harriet
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Colleen & Jake Whitewall, Reading

Deborah was recommended to me and my husband by a friend who was just starting the course herself. We went to a taster session and soon realised that we really needed some help to prepare ourselves for our child’s birth and Deborah was the perfect lady to do that – she was so friendly, positive and reassuring. Despite having only just met her, I found myself telling her very personal things and knew that she could help me overcome my fear of birth. We signed up for the full group classes & can honestly say it’s the best thing we could have done. We learnt so much about giving birth that nobody ever explains to you & it helped to bring me and my husband even closer together; when it came to the labour he knew exactly what to do to help me through it & keep me calm. I couldn’t have asked for more & none of that would have been possible without Deborah’s excellent teaching and support. I would highly recommend her courses to ANYONE who is preparing for birth.
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Liz and Jim Gregory, Reading

Just finished our Wise Hippo birthing course with Deb, and found the whole experience really reassuring and positive – we are, as they say, relaxed and looking forward to the birth of our baby! I think my husband in particular is feeling positive about having something to do during the birth – he tells me that in conversation with dads from work that they all felt flappy and helpless and gave advice like “don’t look” and “stay at the head end”. Having a role is helping him prepare, so I don’t have to worry about him panicking any more than I need to worry about me panicking. Good stuff!

Claire and Kevin, Reading

We did the course with 2 other couples so a nice small group of us. It was so reassuring as I had a negative birth experience the first time. Deborah is lovely and very welcoming. The sessions were great and we have lots to practise with the accompanying book and mp3s to listen to. I would highly recommend this course!
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Sarah and Leo, Reading

Me and my partner have just finished the 4 week hypnobirthing course with Deborah. I had heard lots of positive feedback about the course and it was a no brainer to get booked on. 
We have completely valued the information and techniques given each week and enjoyed the informal and small class size. Our baby is due in 6 weeks and I can honestly say we both feel more prepared, calm and positive about the birth process. I feel completely confident that my partner knows what I want and has the tools to support me and that I can use the techniques to remain as calm as possible no matter what journey our labour takes. The course content and mp3’s have given me more time to relax and learn new skills to remain calm. Deborah was a great teacher who kept the classes informal, fun and provided a safe place to ask questions and explore feelings and pre conceived thoughts on labour. Thanks so much Deborah, we are really looking forward to sharing our birth story with you- whatever that may be. X
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Naomi and Phil, Pangbourne

I can’t say enough good things about Deborah and the private hypnobirthing classes in Berkshire that my partner and I have just completed. I knew I wasn’t looking forward to the usual NCT classes and almost everything I had heard from family, friends and colleagues about labour and birth was completely freaking me out. I sort of just shut it all out and told myself I had plenty of time to panic about birth and I’d deal with it later. Then a friend recommended the Wise Hippo programme and after a little research I came across Boldly Glow Birthing. As soon as I’d spoken to Deborah on the phone I felt a wave of calm about the whole thing and decided there and then to go for it. Deborah is kind, funny, informative and incredibly positive and the first class left me excited and looking forward to our next few Saturday mornings with our group. My partner and I have learned tools, not only to help us with the birth of our baby, but also to help us cope with stress on a day to day basis. It was a chance for us to bond and really take the time to concentrate on something other than the chaos of everyday life. Don’t be put off by the “Hypno” bit, these classes are informative and logical. I am now genuinely excited about the birth of my baby and feel empowered to make the decisions that are right for me. Thank you Deborah, we miss our Saturday morning group classes but have never been more excited and prepared for the big day!

Charlotte Olbrecht & Dan Sydes, Reading

All of this course has been invaluable. I particularly loved the breathing and distraction techniques and meeting new people. I feel more confident and informed about birth. I really enjoyed each week, and the more practical sessions were my favourite – I loved learning the soothing strokes and relaxing place technique. Thank you Deborah X 🙂

Katy and Chris Gent, Reading

Debs was recommended to me by a friend who attended her classes last year and found it really helpful. My husband and I decided to attended her 4 week course, starting when I was 23 weeks. We found the classes to be really informative, and relaxing. For my husband it was really useful to have an opportunity to ask lots of questions and learn more about the ‘mysteries’ of pregnancy and childbirth, I guess as guys don’t have the same access to info through friends etc as women do! We both feel a lot more confident about the birth now, my husband feels like he is far more part of the team rather than feeling like a helpless passenger, and is armed with a lot more knowledge to help me through the experience, and we have both discovered things to think about for our birth plan which we never even knew about (managed placenta? Vitamin K?), which we can now research and feel really prepared. The hypno tracks are so relaxing and are amazing for pregnancy insomnia, and I feel totally ready to give birth. People can throw all the birth horror stories they like at me now, I can brush them all off and I know that my husband, baby and I will be fine 🙂

Julia and Charlie, Reading

My fiancé and I have just completed Hypnobirthing and I can honestly say it was the best antenatal class we could have chosen! Fantastic 4 weeks and have learnt so much! Now just to wait for the little man to arrive! X

Laura and Dan Godwin, Reading

Thanks very much Deborah at Riverside Hypnobirthing for the fun classes, great advice and support. Deborah is a wonderful mentor – empathetic, motivational and with a great sense of humour. She made everyone in our class feel comfortable. The course gave us some great techniques for relaxation, but also for making decisions and being assertive. Deborah is also very knowledgeable about what is going on in the local area and is doing great work with midwives. The inspiring materials and imagery exercises really do help to dispel more negative impressions of labour and birth. Don’t hesitate to join the class – you will come away more knowledgeable, more empowered, and excited! Good luck with baby number 2 Deborah!

Gina and Nick Dombrock, Berkshire

I had heard about hypnobirthing and thankfully found Deborah on a google search. My husband and I attended an intro class to make sure it was something that resonated with us and that we wanted to commit to it both time wise and financially. Within minutes of the intro class we realised that Deborah was teaching us to get back to logical natural basics. Her explanations were beautiful and obvious. We went to do the full 4-week course during which time we got so comfortable with the Wise Hippo hypnobirthing techniques and relaxations. So many of our questions were answered and we had a brilliant time and lots of laughter with the other 3 couples that were in the class. It was almost quiet sad when the classes were finished. Deborah has maintained contact has regular coffee sessions and is available and in touch if questions arise. Deborah has a wonderful, gentle approach that appeals to everyone, she is knowledgable and someone you trust. She is an excellent teacher who got our attention from the first minute. She completely changed both my and my husband’s view and approach to birth. She installs confidence in you again! Thank you Deborah for waking us up and getting us ready for what is going to be the most beautiful life changing moment.
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Monique Darielle, Reading

Absolutely fantastic course. I would highly recommend it to any woman/couple wanting to take charge of their birth, and feel positive and calm. Deborah made me and my birth partner (my mum) feel very welcome, and was always happy to help. I loved the environment, other couples, and those lovely snacks 🙂
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Melanie & Richard Kentish, Windsor

Having first discovered Hypnobirthing after reading a post from a mummy blogger who raved about it, we discovered Deborah after doing research for local practitioners. We feel so lucky that we ended up in such safe hands! Having watched one too many dramas on TV, we had very definite ideas about what labour would be like. I’d already put in a request to my midwife for “all the drugs”. Deborah has now left us feeling empowered and excited for the birth, intending to use natural methods when it comes to dealing with surges. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m high risk, I’d be having the baby at home for sure as I feel like we have all of the tools we need to manage and more importantly enjoy the process ourselves. Deborah made everything easily understandable and gave reasoning behind everything which even the biggest of sceptics couldn’t argue with. Now attending an NCT course, we can honestly say that we have no need for it, Deborah covered everything that we needed and in a much more positive manner. We’ve left feeling excited for the big day and for that we will be forever grateful xx

Gemma Yussuf, Caversham

Expecting my first baby next month, and was freaking out big time. I am now feeling much more confident and feel that giving birth is a natural thing that I can cope with rather than the painful, scary experience I imagined it to be. Deborah was very knowledgeable, listened to our fears, and was a pleasure to get to know. Would recommend this to anyone.
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Alessandra Mascoli, Reading

We’re expecting our first baby and didn’t know exactly what to expect (sorry for the pun!), but we knew for sure we didn’t want to be dragged into the usual scary picture pregnancy and birth are normally depicted. Also, I’ve always been against the idea of epidural but, no matter what, everyone I’ve spoken to about this, just shook their heads as this was an impossible idea. “When the time comes, you’ll surrender to drugs as everyone else”. I couldn’t accept that and I’m more than happy we attended Deborah’s classes. Deborah’s knowledgeable and confident about natural birth, she encourages alternative ways to relieve discomfort during labour, she taught us very powerful tools to keep calm and relax even when you’re not really feeling you can. Also, she gave me enough confidence to go for home birth, which was something I had immediately dismissed as scary nonsense right at the beginning of my pregnancy! Of course, I still have six weeks to go and I can’t really talk about how I’ve actually coped with my labour using the respiration techniques Deborah taught me, but I’ve been practising them whenever I’ve got a cramp (almost every night!) or with Braxton-Hicks and I find that I can immediately go back to what I was doing and forget about the pain straight away. No need to say I’m now looking forward the Big Day. Thanks Deborah for your lovely support and for the cups of peppermint tea. 

Alex Gillingham, Bracknell

Having recently completed our hypnobirthing course with Deborah I have to say I’m a delighted and very satisfied client. We are the a-typical new parents-to-be, without any real idea about what we are doing or what to expect. Deborah’s calm, thoughtful and enjoyable classes helped us not only formulate great ideas for our birth experience but also helped ease concerns and fears that we had. My other half went into the sessions with a “just get it over with” attitude to birth and alot of worries. We’re now happily imagining the birth of our baby and feel empowered to make the right decisions for us and our baby. I would thoroughly recommend Deborah to any expectant parent, we’ve made a real friend here!

Kat Howe, Twyford

My husband and I signed up for Deborah’s hypnobirthing classes in Reading after a friend of ours raved about attending a Wise Hippo course and the relaxed and empowering labour she had. She now has a super chilled out baby, which I’m sure is no coincidence. Deborah’s course was fantastic. The sessions were really informative and Debs taught them in a really easy to understand and down to earth way. Debs went further than just teaching the course – she was always happy to answer our questions, investigate what others in the field thought about things and has continued to send us loads of helpful tips and advice. The other couples on our course were lovely, which made our group sessions really fun. Before the course we were a little skeptical about whether Hypnobirthing was for us but now we are complete converts. We are definitely both feeling so much more confident and excited about birth now.
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Katy Whittle, Reading

I was feeling nervous about having my 2nd baby as my first experience of birth was a bit scary and not very natural! Deborah is a great teacher and put us at ease straight away. She is a very positive person and even though my husband and I are sceptical people, the Hypnobirthing techniques that we have learnt make a lot of sense. I now feel really relaxed and excited about having my baby! I would highly recommend the hypnobirthing classes in Reading with Deborah to anyone having a baby for the 1st or 21st time!

Sarah Collison, Reading

As soon as I read a friend’s story of her experience completing the Wise Hippo programme via Deborah’s weekend hypnobirthing classes in Reading, I knew that it was something I wanted to do too. Actually, not only wanted to do, but NEEDED to do. Quite an anxious person by nature, and conditioned by watching too many episodes of One Born Every Minute, I feared giving birth but having read about hypnobirthing and having recently gotten really into mindfulness and basic meditation in general, I knew with the right tools it would be possible to reduce this fear. I didn’t know it would be possible turn the situation around to such an extent that I’d be really excited about my baby’s birth and feel so empowered about this upcoming day! Deborah was wonderful from our first contact by email and then phone, explaining the course and making my partner and I feel welcome and special.

The classes themselves were so enjoyable, I didn’t want the hypnosis sessions to ever end, and the time flew by. We learnt so much: about the biology behind the techniques, really simple ways to relax, useful tools for everyday life, watched plenty of calm pain-relief-free birth videos, and how Dads can be extremely involved and important during pregnancy and during labour. The sessions had just the right balance of gentle teaching, giving practical techniques a go (plenty of time to practice as homework in between each class), and breaks to chat about what we’d learnt over some of Deborah’s yummy homemade snacks! Deborah has been so helpful since our sessions finished too, following up with advice on other aspects of pregnancy and suggesting local groups that may be of interest.

I’d recommend the course (and Deborah in particular) to anyone – if you have any negative thoughts towards birth or even if you already know you’ll be fine as the hypnosis is a real treat and gives you a chance to properly focus on your unborn baby and help Dad to bond with it too. I wish I could do the classes all over again!
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