Hi, I’m Deborah

I want you to feel so confident and supported in pregnancy and motherhood that you glow. I want you to feel prepared, empowered and good about giving birth – to ease and help you let go of any worries and fears you have about labour and birth. And I know this will sound like a massive leap or to hard to believe right now.

But – 5 years ago, when I was pregnant for the first time, I was terrified about giving birth – I thought it would be scary, the most painful thing I’d ever experienced and that I wouldn’t be able to cope.

Growing up I’d heard comments like – ‘you’re so tiny how will you have a baby?’ and ‘you have such a low pain threshold’ and other unhelpful comments. And these had stuck in my mind. Plus, the only births I’d seen had been of women lying on their backs on TV.

I found out about hypnobirthing from a GP and booked onto the 4 week course.

I went onto have an all natural, home birth and water birth

It was intense but manageable and the most empowering experience of my life. Then one year ago I had an elective C-Section as my  son somehow managed to get into a transverse lie at 40 weeks (looks like he has my sense of direction). I had my aromatherapy oils, I had my music, he breastfed as soon as he was out – I had a women-centred C-Section and it was positive and amazing. There was lots of laughter. I have had two very different births that have shown me first hand that it’s less about what’s happening in labour and more about how you feel.

I have taught some 200 couples

…the amazing techniques and information I used myself – you can read loads of their birth stories here – one mum baked a cake in labour, another went to her 40 week midwife appointment thinking she was having Braxton Hicks and was told ‘go to the hospital you’re in labour’ and another hosted a family BBQ. I have worked with over 90 midwives at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, teaching them some of the techniques I teach my couples. 

So I’m passionate about supporting couples to have the right birth for them. And more than that, I want women to enjoy their pregnancies and motherhood as much as possible. The skills you learn on the course help with anxiety generally. The classes are fun and relaxed. Taught in small groups or privately in my gorgeous and relaxing garden studio.

And I’ve created a community of women who support and nurture each other – a closed Facebook group for anyone who’s been to my classes. Regular fun coffee mornings where we have a giggle and chat, rather than compare baby weight or whether babes are sleeping through the night.

And because motherhood can be tough, isolating, emotional and crazy stressful (ask any honest mum) as well as the most amazingly wonderful time – I’ve created a 6-week relaxation course for mums to help them relax and become part of a group.

So if you’d like to feel calm, relaxed and generally less anxious about pregnancy, birth or motherhood get in touch.