I love our coffee mornings – not just because I get to cuddle all the gorgeous babies but because I love the sense of community that comes from meeting up with an amazing group of people on a regular basis.

I love hearing the birth stories first hand in all their wonderful detail. And I love seeing the friendships blossom between my clients.

I’ve always said it, but you don’t do hypnobirthing classes unless you’re nice, fun, friendly and warm. So, it’s no surprise that these mornings fly by so quick, are so fun, and that each and every time I feel mean for having to kick-people out!

It feels like when the lights come on at the end of a night dancing in a club (a distant memory I know) and the fun is over! How do the 2.5 hours go so fast?

I love that there are some regular and some new faces at each coffee morning. And this time I had an extra special guest with me…

For those of you who didn’t come to the coffee morning, or who aren’t in classes at the moment you won’t know my news. I’m 14 weeks pregnant with my second Wise-Hippo baby, whoop.

I’m finally feeling less sick and tired, and I’m loving having my stowaway with me in classes!

Plus I can tell you all from the heart that I feel completely different being pregnant again after doing hypnobirthing.

First time round at this stage I was bricking it. This time I can honestly say I’m not worried about the birth in any way, although I am worried about having two kids – eek.

Anyway back to our coffee morning

This time we had a wonderful talk from the amazing acupuncturist Sian Morris. She did a really informative talk about how you can use acupressure to promote comfort in labour – for all those who have been to classes already, it’s something that would work really well alongside soothing strokes. So you would use the acupressure points during a surge and soothing strokes after – or whatever works for you!

Certain acupressure points help to reduce the intensity of surges and it’s something you can easily do yourself, whether you’re in the pool or bouncing on your birth ball. Or, even better – you can get your birth partner to do it instead. We all know how much they like to help anyway, so this could be another tool for them.

Some acupressure points can also be used to bring on labour – so as Sian warned, don’t try these before 37 weeks. But how wonderful to know that you could learn the points and gain another easy way to help bring labour on, as long as baby is ready too.

I love that I can bring wonderful birth practitioners to these mornings and share more expert knowledge with my Boldly Glow mums and dads.

I love that I can keep offering support after the classes, before the classes and once baby is here too.

I really didn’t have this the first time round, and I learn so much from all of you and all the experts.

I can’t wait for the next one – date tbc, but probably sometime in May or June.

Do let me know if there are any birth practitioners or fields of expertise you’d like to know more about and I will invite guest speakers along.


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