Mama & Baby Coffee Mornings

I hold regular coffee mornings and meet ups for my clients. Because let’s face it being a mum or dad can be pretty isolating. Instead of comparing how much baby poops, sleeps, eats or weighs we have proper chats, that are interrupted frequently by babies or toddler… so maybe more like proper bite-sized chats.

Often we talk about babies and the classes we’re doing but we also discuss TV shows we’re watching, books we’re reading, (a page a day on your kindle while baby naps or feeds still counts) and holidays we’re planning. And of course cute and funny things that our babes are doing.

The atmosphere is fun, the vibe is relaxed and informal – people come regularly, and the mornings are always drop in because who can plan properly with a baby?! It doesn’t matter if you’re late, or if you only stay for a bit, or if you have to cancel on the day. The only things that matter are being supportive and understanding of others and that you have a good time!!

All the people I get to teach and have taught are flipping lovely, fun and kind – and this is the thing I love most about my job! That I get to meet and know all of you and then I get to meet and cuddle your babies.

So I like to bring you all together and see friendships blossom. I have done this online with my amazing Boldly Glow BFF facebook page– (a closed group for anyone who has been to any of my classes) And wow this page has really taken off – people ask advice and the feedback is AMAZING, supportive and helpful. And many mamas can’t make the coffee mornings because they have moved away from Reading, so I wanted an online option.

But for those of you who can make these mornings…they are for mums, dads and mums-to-be. Because an amazing network of fun, supportive and like-minded parents is essential for your well-being once baby arrives.

My next coffee morning is on the 13th March, 9.30-11.30am at The 3Cs Cafe on St John’s Road, Caversham 

So come along to the next coffee morning and enjoy some cake, a drink and wonderful, fun company!