First time parents Emma and Matt attended my group classes and had a positive water birth. They really worked as a team and I love how Matt described the Wise Hippo Hypnobirthing techniques as ‘having a secret weapon’


On the Thursday night there was a really bad storm. Both my sisters (with all their children) had gone into labour when there was a thunder storm, so I had a lot of messages saying tonight’s the night etc. I was a week past my due date, but I wasn’t in any rush. He would come when he was ready.


That night I had period pains, but I had been having these on and off for weeks so I didn’t think anything of it. In the morning I spoke to my friend, who lives in Australia, for the first time in ages. When I got off the phone at about 11am I had my first surge. It was really mild, so I wasn’t even convinced this was it. I didn’t call Matt as I thought I would see how I got on.


Then my friend Gemma came round for lunch and stayed most of the afternoon. Throughout this time I was having surges but I was really calm and relaxed. I eventually called Matt around 2pm but told him not to finish work early as I was fine. I also called my mum and she made her way over from Basingstoke.


By Friday evening my surges were getting stronger so I used the birthing ball and the breathing techniques, as well as going to my relaxing place.


By around midnight my surges had got really strong. I felt like I was in a lot of discomfort and began throwing up. They were coming every 2 mins so the midwife advised me to come into the hospital. I still felt calm and relaxed.


Then I got to the hospital. The Rushey ward was shut and I had to wait for over an hour in the waiting room to be seen. They examined me and I was only 1cm dilated. I cried and this is when I let the fear take over for a while. I didn’t understand why my surges were so frequent at 1cm and I was crying for pain relief. They sent me home around 3am.


I told Matt and my mum to get some sleep as it was going to be ages yet. Matt was absolutely fantastic and managed to get me calm again. My surges actually started to slow down and were now coming every 15/20 mins. They stayed this way for the rest of the morning but they were getting stronger. The hospital told me not to come in, but I knew I had to.


When I got there the Rushey ward was open and what a difference. I instantly felt more relaxed. The midwife who examined me was amazing and I was so relieved to find I was 5cm dilated.


The birthing pool was available and as soon as I got in the pool I was in the zone and ready. We played our music, had aromatherapy oils, and ate chocolate biscuits!


I was in the pool from around 1pm until 7pm when my midwife told me the Rushey ward was closing and I would have to move to the delivery suite. Luckily the birth pool was available downstairs. Getting downstairs and being out of the pool was a real struggle. When I got into the delivery suite pool I decided I wanted gas and air. It helped, by giving me something to focus on.


Matt also gave me regular massages and both him and my mum were a fantastic calm support.


At 2 mins past midnight he was born. Matt delivered him to me. We stayed in the pool for skin to skin and then I was told I needed to get out of the pool to deliver the placenta. I did this naturally when Roscoe breastfed.


Matt then took him for skin to skin whilst I had a couple of minor stitches.


It was definetly a rollercoaster of emotions. But I remembered everything you had taught us and this helped me through a very long labour. My biggest surprise was how much the classes had helped Matt: he was totally relaxed and even joked that we had a secret weapon after our Wise Hippo hypnobirthing classes.



I wanted to say a massive thanks as I feel like the classes enabled me to have the birth I wanted.


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