Amazing Birth Videos

To inspire and motivate you

Home birth

This clip is amazing! I love how empowered this mama is and how she totally trusted her instincts. Also it’s really helpful to hear her talking about  how she felt throughout, the ways in which she used the techniques, and how her husband helped her get back into a calm state.

Stacey’s home birth

I love this birth video so much – love how it feels like Stacey and her birth partner are the only people in the room (even though there are actually a lot of people present). The midwife is amazing and I love the fact that they all have a giggle and make a few jokes. The camera angle as baby is born is fantastic and amazing to see baby coming out. Also Stacey’s expression when she holds her newborn baby is priceless!

Daisy’s water birth

This birth video will always have a special place in my heart. My husband and I watched it when we were doing our hypnobirthing classes during my first pregnancy. It completely inspired me – I love how you get an insight into the whole day – seeing them go for a walk and setting the room up at home. I feel like you can sense the excitement coming from Daisy and her partner. It showed me how important the birth partner is, how important the birth environment is you can