Baby Massage

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My baby massage classes are a wonderful way to spend time bonding with your baby, meeting other lovely mamas and talking honestly and openly about the ups and downs of motherhood.

Classes are held in my beautiful open plan living room, which looks onto our garden and has underfloor heating. The space is comfortable and relaxing, (and there’s plenty of space for car seats and pushchairs). I provide tea, coffee, soft drinks and plenty of biscuits.


The classes are completely led by the babies. Some weeks you might get to do all of the massage strokes, other weeks, if baby is sleeping or feeding, you might watch. But each week I will recap the strokes from the week before, as well providing detailed handouts to go with the course.

The aim is for you to learn all of the techniques to use at home on your baby, as and when it suits you both.

The classes are ultimately about baby and you relaxing – there are so many benefits for baby from baby massage (listed below) but one of the biggest is the relaxation element. And when you massage your baby, both your bodies produce relaxing “feel good” hormones, such as oxytocin and endorphins, which help you both to relax.

Four week class,
Includes organic sunflower oil, detailed handouts and a relaxation MP3 for motherhood

Class one

Legs and feet – helps relieve tense muscles, aids relaxation and other health issues (such as congestion and constipation) through reflexology points on the feet.

Class two

Tummy and chest – helps with colic, constipation and wind. Chest strokes help with congestion.

Class three

Arms and hands – helps develop grip, lymphatic drainage and relieves muscle tension.

Class four

Back and face – great for tummy time and relieving muscle tension, and the facial includes lovely strokes for relaxation as well as helping to alleviate the symptoms of colds and toothache

Baby Massage

Baby massage has been used for centuries in many cultures as a way to promote health and wellbeing. There are many benefits of baby massage including aiding digestion and stimulating baby’s nervous system. Relaxation is also a big benefit and a relaxed baby is likely to feed and sleep better.

Benefits for baby!


Baby massage can help to offer relief from the discomfort of digestive pain caused by wind or constipation. It can also be used to soothe teething pain and help relieve nasal and chest congestion if baby has a cold.


Baby massage can help to mature the nervous system and strengthen bones and joints.


Oxytocin “the nurturing hormone” is produced when you massage your baby which helps to encourage bonds between you and your baby.