First-time mum Katie went into labour two-weeks early, as she’d hoped – she used her MP3s and breathing to stay calm and in control, despite complications. And she went on to have an amazing C-Section. Read her totally inspiring story below:

I’d been saying to everyone since 12 weeks that my baby would arrive 2 weeks early, on the 13th June. And I’d been telling ‘bump’ that too.

Deborah said that it’s quite possible to influence the date your baby arrives and I wrote it into my birth story.

I was still shocked though, when everything started to happen. I was listening to the sea of serenity mp3 on 11th June and drifting in and out of sleep, until something made me wake up!

I felt some liquid seep out of me and ran to the loo and half made it – although there was a big puddle of water on the bathroom floor, Hollywood movie style!

I woke Dan up and said: ‘I’ve either weed myself or my waters just broke’! Given that I was nearly 38 weeks pregnant and haven’t wet myself since I was about 5 years old, we decided it was most likely my waters and rang the hospital.

They called us in to examine me and confirmed that they had broken and that I was 2cms dilated! Dan and I were so excited!


They said I would have to be induced if I was not in proper labour by 5:30pm, the following evening. I knew that I didn’t have to be induced and that it would be our choice.


However, after speaking at length to the midwife, we decided to go for the induction at 8pm – as we could risk infection otherwise. So, while things were not going 100% to plan, I was feeling calm.

We’d made an informed decision about the induction, and my overriding feeling was pure excitement that our baby girl would be here soon.


It strikes me that this is the exact scenario Wise Hippo hypnobirthing is for – when things don’t go quite as you originally hoped. I honestly think I’d have been stressing and upset by this point if it wasn’t for the relaxation skills we’d learned. That and the fact that hypnobirthing had totally changed my attitude towards birth!


I was induced with a gel at 9:15pm on 12th June. We listened to our MP3s in the hospital and were both feeling in control and excited. We focused on the right birth on the day and were really glad we’d decided to go in to be induced, knowing it was our choice. I couldn’t wait for surges to start so that I could put my practise to good use, and get closer to meeting baby!

The following morning, surges hadn’t become strong or regular so I was put on an oxytocin drip. The surges then very quickly became strong and regular.


The breathing techniques we’d learned in Deborah’s class were unbelievable – each time it felt intense I just thought , 4 short breaths and we’ll be done!


At one point, I panicked a bit and told Dan I couldn’t do it and needed an epidural. Dan kept giving me words of encouragement, telling me that I could do it and was doing really well.

He also used the soothing strokes throughout. We put our MP3s on repeat and I had a diamorphine injection. The midwife said she had never seen anything like it and that it was amazing how the second the MP3s started I suddenly relaxed and got back on track.

They helped me to remember my breathing and to calm down, and I carried on with renewed positivity.

I was so calm in fact that I dozed off between surges right near the end when they were most intense!


The midwives then told me that the baby had shifted position and I would need either an assisted delivery or C-Section. I’m sure that without having done our hypnobirthing course I’d have taken that news quite badly and would have worried.


Instead I simply thought ‘the right birth on the day’. I very calmly signed the consent forms.  I didn’t feel worried or anxious at all as they prepped me for the procedure and instead just felt excited that she was about to arrive.
Shortly after that my beautiful baby girl was born by C-Section- 2 weeks early as I’d predicted!
She gave a little squeak but didn’t cry and after a quick check was put straight into Dan’s arms, before being put next to me on the bed. I won’t even try to describe how I felt at that moment!
A picture of a first time mum snuggling up to her newborn baby, from an amazing C-Section birth story
Hypnobirthing was integral to my attitude throughout the labour and birth, keeping me positive and excited.
It was also so important in Dan and I approaching the birth as a team. I think it’s also really valuable that hypnobirthing kept me calm for the weeks before the birth.


I’m a natural worrier but I can honestly say that I had no worries about the birth following the course, which led to how calm I was on the day.


I just knew that whatever happened, we’d have a positive experience. Our baby has her moments, but on the whole is very chilled. We call her our hypno baby!


Thank you so much Deborah for being a fantastic instructor and for allowing me to let go of all my anxieties.


The difference the course made to my attitude was huge. And I still use the 5-4-3-2-1 relax technique now. Especially when she’s being slightly less chilled at 3am!


I’ve recommended the course to friends as one of the best things they can do to prepare for their big days.
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