First time mum Mandy had a long labour with a dramatic twist at the end! And she used her breathing techniques to stay calm, relaxed and in control throughout

Me and Chantelle are over the moon. We want to thank you for everything you have done for us. The Wise Hippo hypnobirthing course worked for us 100%.

Looking back at our experience now (just five days after our baby was born)  I know we couldn’t have done it with out all of the techniques you taught us.

Chantelle was great in labour, she was with me the whole time -from start to finish. I will tell you why in a minute,

When I think about the birth now, 5 days after, I feel very proud. And I have my hospital notes to prove how well I did. I feel that it’s an achievement for me, because it’s something I really wanted to work for.

I wanted my mind and body to let go of the fear and all the unknown and it really did.

Ok, I will try to keep it short but with as much detail as I can. Here is our birth story:

Thursday came and I had already been having braxton hicks but I knew straight away that these surges were the different.

I woke up on Thursday 23rd 5:30-6am and just knew something was different. I carried on anyway, because I had things to do and Chantelle went to work.

It was my niece’s birthday and I had to see her.  She was born at 26 weeks, and now 4 years on, she had to have her day to herself. So I kept telling myself ‘it’s fine I’m not in labour’ lol.

I just kept thinking let’s get this day out the way so my niece can keep it as her day.

Well my surges got a little stronger. By 5pm Chantelle came home and I already had my earphones in  – listening to the relaxing sounds of the hypnobirthing mp3s. I cooked, cleaned, god only knows. I was pottering around the house, all sorts.

It got to 8pm and for some reason I didn’t feel baby move for about an hour. But I felt that he was really low.  We called the hospital. They said to wait for a 90 min sleep period with baby and then call back.

Well, by 10:50pm I was at hospital and I was 4cm dilated. Believe it or not I was still telling myself that I had an hour to wait lol so that my niece could still have her day to herself.

I had the breathing on lock down, to a T. That’s what made me get through my 19 hours of slow but tiring labour (thanks to you and the techniques I’d learnt).

I was dilating very slowly. On Friday 24th about 8am I was 6cm and at about 3pm I was 7 1/2 cm. Then at 6-6:30pm I was 9cm. But after 3 hours of being 9cm they said I would need to have a C-section, as there had been no progress.

I didn’t mind because it felt like our choice now that the last cm just wasn’t happening. I always kept an open mind from the start that anything could change, and once again it did…

So, I was prepped for my c-section, I had the epidural injection, they shaved me.  And then, once again, the doctor examined me only to tell me I had dilated to 10cm!

After that I pushed Kavalli out in 19mins with the help of forceps. Kavalli was born at 8:52pm. From the epidural, I only had 30 mins to push him out. Looking back it sounds quite daunting, but it wasn’t because most of the hours were taken up by my breathing techniques. It was only the last hour or so, when last minute decisions had to be made.

All of this hasn’t put me off labour at all. Women’s bodies are made to do this and I’m pleased to say I did.

I look at my son now and it’s all so worth it

Throughout the entire 19 hours Kavalli’s heart rate was perfect, all because I stayed calm and kept with the breathing techniques.

I wouldn’t have changed a thing and I have you Deborah to thank for that.  I had no pain relief until the very end when they were going to give me a c-section.
So now I’m here to tell the tale and once again thank you and Chantelle for the support. The breathing techniques are still coming in handy with a few stitches I have in place, but again part and parcel of the process.

The course really did help me and Chantelle and I wouldn’t change a thing.

We will keep you updated with the process of Kavalli because you supported me and Chantelle and helped us, through our first pregnancy.  You do a fantastic job and you did it so well for us too.Once again thank u 🙂 ❤️

Mandy and Chantelle x


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