In the spotlight series. For this series, I will be catching up with a local mum and business woman who works with mums or mums-to-be. This week I’m chatting to the gorgeous Perry Walker, who loads of you know already. Perry is mum to 3-year old Blaire and runs Perry’s Beauty, a now home based beauty salon.


Tell us a bit about your work and home life?

I am lucky enough to be able to condense my hours so I can work full time but only over 3 days and nights. This allows me time to spend with Blaire and friends as well as keep my business running.

I feel like i’m constantly struggling. I always have so many things on the go I struggle to truly finish anything. Before I was a mummy I was so together. I had everything in order and it all ran smoothly. To be honest, now I’m just constantly trying to get through each day in one piece.

I’m so lucky as I absolutely love my job and I am so passionate about my business. However, managing a phone, emails, bookings, nursery, washing, cooking and child is a lot harder than I ever imagined. I am surrounded by the most supportive husband, family and friends. Without them I truly think I’d sink. My main problem is I try to do too much. I just can’t say no. But I wouldn’t change any of it if I had the choice. I know as time goes on life will get easier.

What’s your average week like?

My average week is jam packed. I struggle to get B ready in the mornings as she can never decide which dress she wants to wear! grrr. We get her down to Newbridge nursery (amazing place!) then I rush home to start my first client. I work with clients non stop (hopeless and always book people into my breaks and lunch as I have too many people to fit in my diary) It gets to 5pm, I should finish but I always over run. I pick B up from my mums. Rush home. Get dinner on the table, eat, tidy, up to shower, into bed for a nice 20min story time and snuggle (the best part of my day by far!) Then my clients come back at 7.30pm until 10pm. I then finish, shower and flop into bed!

On my ‘days off’ I get to catch up with friends for play dates before nursery. Catch up on my book keeping and messages whilst Blaire is at nursery. Then pick her up and normally pop for a tea and biscuit with my mum. Then home for dinner with daddy.

We love our family meals. Recently they are filled with tantrums from Blaire but they are lovely even so! My nights off James and I make an effort to watch a film or episodes on the TV. We are loving the Brittas Empire at the moment. I get to laugh out loud! So funny.

Weekends for us are all about being together and getting out and about. I really look forward to our weekends 😊Quality family time.

How did you get into your work?

I always knew I wanted to be a beauty therapist. Even when I had my own horse, all I wanted to do was paint her hooves! I also look up to my dad and mum who run their own business, so I knew I wanted my own business one day. Sadly with the stress of illness and motherhood I made the decision to close my Caversham salon as it was all too much for me. But i’m pleased I made that decision, as life is so much more manageable now.

Favourite thing about your job? And the biggest challenge?

I love my clients, they are more like friends. Every day is filled with laughter and tears. It’s the best. I help them and they help me. I can help women (and men) feel good about themselves and that is a great feeling. The biggest challenge however, is my diary. It is always so busy and changeable! I’m currently fully booked for evenings until June 2018! It’s crazy!

What things boost your mood/do you do for self-care?

The best mood booster for me is quality time with hubby and evenings with friends. They are real life savers for me and my over-worrying brain!

What plans do you have for the future work-wise?

Future for work is unknown. I’ve learnt to try not to plan too far ahead or I just get disappointed or hard on myself if I don’t achieve those goals. I beat myself up enough as it is 😊

What treatments/services do you offer specially for new mums?

I do quite a few treatments for new mums and new mums to be. Pedicures are always top of the list! Along with bikini and leg waxing! Massages, Facials, Manicures and brow treatments all get booked by my mums. I think quality time for yourself is so crucial as a mum or a mum to be. It’s precious.

Now I work alone I love that I can tailor packages to suit each individual. All I ask of clients is that they feel comfortable to ask and then I can advise on what package I think will be best. Then we just have to hope they make it to the appointment before baby arrives!!!

If you could go back to that new-mum you what advice would you like to give her?

Advice I’d give myself as a new mum: ” Don’t be too hard on yourself. Every decision you make is made thinking its the right decision at that time. Trust yourself. Don’t listen too much to others. Listen more to your mum. Try to trust your intuition. You may not have done it before but somehow you will always know best. Enjoy cuddles as soon they are so big and don’t ever want a mummy cuddle.”

Fave thing to do with your child?

Favourite thing for Blaire and I is reading stories. A good book is a real escape for us. I love books so much I’m currently publishing my own children’s book aimed at empowering young girls.

Best place to go locally in good weather?

Best place to go in caversham in the good weather for me is Kings meadow. Ducks, Park and Picnic space!

And if it’s wet and cold?

Best place in the rain is my sofa and a good Disney film!

Anything you’d like to add?

I think mums and women are the most incredible people I know. I am inspired by women daily and I think we need to, now more than ever, stick together, empower our children for changes to come. Support one another as we all know how hard it can be sometimes.

A strong mum community will get us all through. Debs your groups and classes are such a lifeline you are a real inspiration to me every day. Thank you for coming into my life!!

Head to to see what I do and a bit more about me. My images on the site are pre-child so I have no bags and glowing skin! Ahh the good old days! haha.

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