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 Youʼre pregnant, yay!

But youʼre really scared about how the baby is going to come out, like to the point that you physically tense up when someone mentions birth. And, youʼre worried about how youʼre going to cope with the pain.

And that my lovely is where my classes come in, which follow the Calm Births course. You see hypnobirthing is about the transition or transformation – itʼs about changing how you think about birth, which then changes everything. Itʼs not so much about what happens during birth but how you feel about it (just read my clientsʼ incredible, inspiring birth stories for so much evidence of this – one of my mamas baked a cake in labour, another hosted a family BBQ).


So, do you want to feel in control?

Do you want to feel so confident and prepared that you shine? Do you want to feel like you and your birth partner have an incredible set of tools to help you remain calm, to help you sleep better during pregnancy and to help you cope with stress… well who doesnʼt?

Then check out my range of awesome classes….

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My amazing HBAC birth story

My amazing HBAC was better than I imagined, I got to lift my baby out of me in the pool and onto my chest, and the whole labour was really quick. Intense but fast and on a lovely sunny day

Eira’s homebirth story

This birth story from first-time mum Naomi is such an amazing and calm story, despite a challenging second stage of labour.  Hi Debs   Here is Eira’s birth story 🙂  Thank you again for all your help and wisdom!    Naomi xx I always thought that I would be ‘early’ and...

Max’s birth story

This is such an incredible birth story from first-time mum Jenna - check out this snippet from her story: (full story below) ‘They quickly found me a room and examined me, where I was told I was fully dilated and the baby would be coming soon! I couldn’t believe it,...

A beautiful first homebirth story

A truly beautiful first homebirth and waterbirth story. I love this two-part story, as we hear from Mum Liz and Dad Dave - enjoy this totally inspiring birth story Hi Deborah, We so wanted to share our birth story with you as your help in our preparations enabled us...

Mari’s birth story

A wonderful second water birth Jess came to my group course for her first pregnancy and went onto have a wonderful water birth - she came back for a refresher class and shares her wonderful second water birth story here. One thing I really had to focus on this time...

Luna’s birth story

As first-time mum Becki says in her birth story, hypnobirthing makes you ' fully aware of all of your options and open to what needs to be done, whilst staying calm' . Becki was calm and relaxed throughout, using her breathing techniques and listening to her...

Birth, from a father’s perspective

I love it when a dad writes a birth story - it shows how vital the birth partner is and how beneficial hypnobirthing is for birth partner too. I love this birth story, how both Tasha and Chris remained calm and positive despite things not going to plan - totally...

Frederick’s birth story

First time mum Vanessa stayed calm and in control throughout her long labour even when things didn't quite go to plan. As she says ' what mattered most was that I had all those feelings of support and love and reassurance throughout' Read her wonderful first birth...

Hilary and Richard’s birth story – an amazing natural birth

No two births are the same, and first-time mum Hilary's birth challenges many people's perception of how labour and birth can play out. Hilary cycled in to hospital in established labour, arriving fully dilated. She went home with her baby girl in a sling, in a taxi,...

Bodhi’s birth story – a calm and natural first birth

I love how first-time mum Kate's birth story begins in her relaxing place! And how calm, relaxed and in control she was throughout - using her breathing techniques to breathe through every surge. A calm and natural first birth I  had a great last day at work on Friday...


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