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 Youʼre pregnant, yay!

But youʼre really scared about how the baby is going to come out, like to the point that you physically tense up when someone mentions birth. And, youʼre worried about how youʼre going to cope with the pain.

And that my lovely is where my classes come in. You see hypnobirthing is about the transition or transformation – itʼs about changing how you think about birth, which then changes everything. Itʼs not so much about what happens during birth but how you feel about it (just read my clientsʼ incredible, inspiring birth stories for so much evidence of this – one of my mamas baked a cake in labour, another hosted a family BBQ).


So, do you want to feel in control?

Do you want to feel so confident and prepared that you shine? Do you want to feel like you and your birth partner have an incredible set of tools to help you remain calm, to help you sleep better during pregnancy and to help you cope with stress… well who doesnʼt?

Then check out my range of awesome classes….

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Dexter’s birth story

This special birth story from first-time mum Megan is amazing. Megan remained calm and used her techniques throughout, despite complications. The way her husband supported her is wonderful. I also love that Megan baked a cake in labour and laboured in the bath for...

Orin’s birth story

First time mum Jess was induced two weeks after her estimated due date and went onto have a truly amazing water birth, just as she'd hoped - read her incredible birth story below and be inspired by how calm and in control she was I always thought becoming pregnant...

Tim’s birth story

First time mum Charlotte used her 5,4,3,2,1 relax and surge breaths to get through a long labour, she was mobile and strong and asked for what she needed The advice of the midwife at my 40 week appointment was to encourage the onset of labour by pretty much any means...

Benjamin’s birth story

Becky did group classes with me for her first birth: Grace's homebirth story - which was a long labour that ended in an unplanned home birth. Becky had been told she was 'too calm' to be in established labour and sent home from hospital. This time round Becky and Paul...

Bronwen’s birth story

First time mum Liz and her husband Jim used all the techniques they'd learnt to manage an induced labour. I love how Jim reassured Liz to 'just keep on doing your own thing'  Our daughter Bronwen Rosina Gregory arrived with a roar on 28th October, our wedding...

A natural second birth story

One of my mamas had an amazing first-birth after doing my private classes, here she tells us about her second amazing birth, which was, like the first, a completely natural water birth.  You can read her first birth story here - a quick natural birth A natural second...

Rachel & Ricky’s birth story

Sometimes birth is difficult and complicated and long. Sometimes it's completely different to how you imagined it would be. Rachel and Ricky had a birth like this. And, you know what? Their hospital birth story is completely amazing and inspiring. Although it didn’t...

A long and empowered birth story

First-time parents Zoe and Eddy put all their techniques to use before labour even started, due to the fact Zoe was told her bump was measuring 'bigger' than normal. Despite extra monitoring Zoe remained in control, and with Eddy's support had an amazing and empowered...

A big baby: an awesome birth story

First time mum Sarah gave birth to her 10lb 3.5oz baby boy 'with just a few puffs of gas and air'. I love how she was straightening her hair in labour and how she remained calm by using her breathing techniques and with the help of her birth partner Leo.   Leo and I...

A calm and controlled birth story

First time mum Mandy had a long labour with a dramatic twist at the end! And she used her breathing techniques to stay calm, relaxed and in control throughout Me and Chantelle are over the moon. We want to thank you for everything you have done for us. The Wise Hippo...


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